I'll be frank... sometimes it takes seeing a band live to appreciate them as artists. I've always loved Jared Leto as an actor (Dallas Buyers Club <3 <3 <3!) but hadn't taken much notice of 30 STM until I shot their Monolith tour gig in Cardiff last week. Even if they're sound is 'not your thing', there's no doubt that their performance and show overall would entertain even the most anti progressive rock being. Jared Leto's energy bounced around the room as did he the stage, engaging every single electric soul in his presence. 

As a photographer, with only three songs to get 'THE SHOT', this gig was a challenge... not only because the singer was running around the stage to connect with the entire audience surrounding him, but also because you're shooting up from the pit (in this case) to a backlit subject and no flash allowed. But that's the beauty of this type of photoshoot, you never really know what you're going to get until you're in the moment. You have to adapt quickly. I guess years of working in broadcast documentary and shooting surf photography have helped me do just that.

Here are a few shots I captured from the night xoxo